7/18/17:   Working Interest/Net Revenue Interest Workshop – Houston, Texas

8/2/17 – 8/3/17:  JOA Workshop – Ft. Worth, Texas

9/5/17 – 9/8/17:   Oil and Gas Land Review, CPL/RPL Exam – Ft. Worth, Texas

9/25/17:   2017 Texas Land Institute (webinar available) – Houston, Texas

11/7/17 – 11/10/17:  Oil and Gas Land Review, CPL/RPL Exam – Houston, Texas

1/23/2018 – 1/26/2018:  Oil and Gas Land Review, CPL/RPL Exam – Midland, Texas



5/25/17:  Due Diligence Landman – San Antonio & Austin area
Cinco Energy Management Group
Employment Type:  Contractor

SUMMARY: As a Due Diligence Landman, you will determine interests in minerals, leases, and wells through document research and interest calculations on developed and undeveloped oil & gas properties. You will evaluate existing title reports and make a determination as to which, if any, are correct based on provided documentation. Finally, you will prepare written acquisition title reports and/or defect reports based on your findings.


6/5/17:  Mineral Manager – San Antonio & Austin area
Trinity Mineral Management, Ltd.
Send Resume and Cover Letter to
Job Description

  • Manage mineral assets and oversee projects for various clients
  • Correspond with clients on a regular basis regarding ongoing matters
  • Participate in and / or conduct client meetings
  • Oil and Gas Lease and ROW preparation and negotiation
  • Division order research
  • Decimal verification
  • Prepare monthly / quarterly / annual reports
  • Management of field data maintenance
  • Management of check data maintenance
  • Maintain updates to all projects worked on in project management system
  • Accurately record all time in time keeping system

Job Type:   Full-time
Job Location:   San Antonio, TX 78209
Required education:   Bachelor’s Degree

Preferred experience:

  • Project Management: 1 year
  • Oil and Gas: 1 year
  • Mineral Management: 1 year